Fishin' and spittin' – something to look forward to

In about a week's time, I will be making my annual trip to Lewis Lake, Somewhere, Kentucky, with some of my best friends. 

Sarah's extended family has created this retreat in the most bucolic (<-- that one's for you Colin) setting one can imagine. Some of the features and amenities that have me aching to get there are:
  • A 1 mile road that passes through a tobacco field (where it's not uncommon to see a wild turkey or two), through a creek bed and requires a truck or SUV to navigate
  • A cabin – a cinder block structure, really) 
  • An aluminum boat – complete with a couple wooden oars to navigate the pond for fishing or frog giggin'
  • Frog gigs
  • A window A/C unit that sounds like a Boeing 747
  • A big screen TV that is good for little more than holding your fishing lures and loose change
  • A luxury outhouse – also serves as a booby trap for locking unsuspecting pooper in with their own stink
  • Corn hole boards – maybe the most essential amenity for our reunion
  • A deep fryer – in case we feel so compelled to fry up some of the day's catch
  • My friend Cliff brings a hammock – I have every intention to read a book while in that hammock, but the hammock is a natural sedative. I think I read 8 words total last year.
  • Two queen sized beds – have I mentioned there are 6 guys going?
That's a lot to look forward to.

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