Overcoming the elements

I've been training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon this winter and spring as I have for the last couple years. Most days I really enjoy running for distance (not as much as these guys, who ran the breadth of the flippin' Sahara Desert). My favorite takes me along a canal where spring feels especially, uh, spring-y.

Today, though. Whew. Everything seemed to go against me. My legs were heavy. Breath labored. The Canadian Geese hissed at me. Turtles taunted me. Ducks mooned me (MOONED ME!). The frickin' daffodils mocked me, with an excessively cheery voice, I might add.

I'm proud to say. I finished feeling like if I can overcome hissing geese, taunting turtles, exhibitionist ducks, and loud-mouthed daffodils, I can accomplish anything. Maybe I could even run the Sahara — about 11 miles of it.