The Bananaplan

The day after Christmas, with distension of the belly due to broccoli casserole over-stuffing, my wife, Sarah and I decided to escape the holiday madness (and the chocolate covered pretzels on the kitchen counter) for the The Walmarts.

You, the reader, are probably saying, "The Walmarts!? The day after Christmas?! That's the very definition of holiday madness! And you're right. It's just a different kind of holiday madness.

We weren't headed to the The Walmarts just to people-watch, we had a tertiary mission of purchasing a game called Bananagrams, which we had a enjoyed playing the night before.

A short drive from Sarah's parent's home and we found ourselves in an overly-stuffed parking lot. In anticipation of the craziness inside the Big Box I said to Sarah, "Okay, here's our game plan. If you see someone going for the last Bananagrams game, you hit 'em high and I'll hit 'em low." To which Sarah replied, "Yeah, and then I'll hit the snack bar."


  1. But did you get it? Can we play it? Is it fun? And... where can I get a white full-length fur coat?

  2. We did get it! And it's really fun. We're playing it tonight, in fact. We didn't buy it from The Walmarts though, but from a local bookstore instead. Walmarts didn't carry it. Score one for the little guys!

  3. Oh, and of course we can play it. I look forward to the new words I would learn while playing with you.

    The fur coat? I can't help you there. Here maybe?: http://www.webfurs.com/index.shtml