Happy Thanksgiving

I'm sure there will be a steady stream of what-I'm-thankful-for blog posts in the coming days. I find them all very uplifting. I find Thanksgiving very uplifting, actually. And when you add a Weber® charcoal-grilled turkey and an embarrassment of caloric riches, well, you've got a pretty fantastic holiday, in my estimation.

All that said, I'm not going to compile a list (not for this web log, anyway). Instead, I'm posting this video that pretty much sums up why my Thanksgiving will most assuredly be Happy.

I sincerely hope yours is too.


  1. I loved it!! So sweet! He brings more joy to our lives than we can contain!! I'm so thankful for you three and for Jill, Jeremy and Marcus this Thanksgiving. God has greatly blessed us! I loved that song as a child, but loved it even more, watching him enjoy it! Thanks, Ry! See you Thursday!